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Boosting Your Creative Output

Today I'd like to share with you a very interesting article that was forwarded to me by a friend (Merci MP!), 7 Steps to Take Now to Increase Your Creative Output, by Amy Neumann and Eliza Wing. 

I could not have put these elements together so effortlessly as they did. Many articles are written about inspiration and creativity, and the notions can become redundant, don't you think? In this case, I particularly enjoy the following ideas: 


"Who knows what is right?" the article asks. And I believe this to be VERY important in all of our creative projects. We, as human beings, give much thought to what other people might think of what we do and how they might judge us by it. It's very easy to get trapped in such mind frame and it kills the motivation we have to create. Or at least it impedes the process. And this rings true to me with this blog. While mentally crafting a post, I ask myself "Who would be interested in this? Is this stupid?" But then, I try to remind myself that my goal is to share what inspires me and what I love with my readers and that it might not please everybody, but it will please some. 


The authors discuss the "force of habit". They include this very interesting quote from Anne Lamott, which states that "discipline is the path to freedom", meaning that showing up, organizing your work, sitting down to work on your project will put you in the habit of creating. I know it rings true with my writing projects, but I never thought of it as discipline, maybe because the word sounds so strict. But in the end, it is.


The article reminds us readers to pay attention to life's details and not let them pass us by. A keen sense of observation and an appreciation for the little things is key to any creative work. I already briefly discussed  the concept (see The Devil in the Details: The Novelty of Daily Life) because I deeply believe in it. Importance lies in the little things. 

What do you think of the article? Will it help you through the project you're currently working on?

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